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Terror-free Slovakia Completely Refuses Islam And Won’t Allow A Single Mosque: Report

Slovakia is the last EU Member State without a single mosque, TRT World reports. Previous attempts to build have been halted by politicians.

The country does not recognise Islam as a religion and only have a few thousand Muslim residents. Islam must not be taught in schools and the 5,000 Muslims, mostly European ones, who reside in the country are not officially recognised. They account for only 0.1% of the population.

In 2007, politicians changed the country’s laws so that 20,000 signatures from members were required to be recognised by the state. In 2017 they more than doubled the number of necessary signatures.

Not being officially recognised poses major difficulties for the group. Among other things, they are not allowed to have official religious leaders, conduct Muslim marriages or receive financial contributions from the State, rights which 18 other recognised religions have.


According to some of the country’s politicians, Islam is a serious threat.

“Islamisation begins with kebab and in Bratislava it has already begun. So understand what it could be like in 5-10 years,” says MP Andrej Danko.

“Every normal European, Christian or atheist fears this satanic pedophile creation of the devil,” rumbles another critical MP.

According to TRT, the situation was further complicated for the country’s Muslims in connection with the 2015 asylum wave. Slovakia then used the absence of mosques as an argument not to accept any migrants.

The TV channel also claims that Slovakia violates EU rights laws by not permitting the building of mosques.



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  1. Shame on this uncivilized nation! Islam is a Godly religion unlike what the so called MPs commented. Islam is a monolithic religion that sees Satan as cursed creation that spreads evil in the world, as you people are doing. Like it or not the world is moving towards Islam and your trash law that suppresses Muslim community will soon vanish. Allah knows best which religion is accepted by Him! Please read Encyclopedia Britannica, which I guess you trust more, to have some understanding of Islam. Of course the best source of Islam is Qur’an, the words or the Almighty.
    May Allah (sw) guide us all to the straight path!

    • “Like it or not the world is moving toward Islam and your trash laws…”. That sounds like a threat to me. Are you threatening us? If so how can you possibly say that Islam is a godly religion.

      Islam is not a religion. It is a political ideology created by a paedophile inflicted with brain-destroying syphilis.

      My only regret is that during the war I only got to kill 22 of you islamic scumbags.

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