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Terrence Torrence; African-American Designer Pays Homage to Michelle Obama With Prom Jacket

Subsequent to becoming viral last year for creating a prom dress inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, Terrence Torrence undoubtedly became no stranger to fame and the industry at large. The talented young designer is back  again in the news for designing a Michelle Obama-inspired jacket.


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Worn by Semajai Lacy (18), the jacket design came from Torrence’s idea of making the young man feel presidential on prom night, reports Yahoo News.

“A young black man is already ‘presidential,’ and he should be focusing on finding his first lady. That’s when I removed Obama from the layout and replaced him with his wife, Michelle,” Torrence said to Yahoo Lifestyle.

For Lacy, the jacket was a perfect dedication to the women in his life.

“I am a young man being raised by strong black women, and Michelle Obama is the epitome of a strong woman. I’m honoured to have gotten a chance to bring Terrence’s creativity to life.”

In 2017, Torrence designed a Black Lives Matter dress for 17-year-old  Milan Morris. The dress featured black and white faces of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, and others who died because of police brutality.

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