Tension Between Meghan Markle’s Father, Thomas and the Royal Family

Since Thomas Markle, Duchess Meghan Markle’s father, gave an interview on June 18 in the British morning show Good Morning Britain , it’s a tense atmosphere between the royal family and Prince Harry’s father-in-law. .

We remember that during this interview, Thomas Markle addressed several topics including his absence from marriage, his meeting with his son-in-law, the announcement of the wedding or the scandal of photos of paparazzi, the want Meghan and Prince Harry to have the kids.

But the subject that aroused the tension and discontent of the royal family is that which concerned the political opinions of Prince Harry. Meghan’s father did not play the card of discretion with respect to Prince Harry’s political views.


Thomas Markle revealed that Prince Harry was not against a UK exit from Europe and would like to give Donald Trump “a chance” . “I do not quite agree with him, but that does not stop me from always enjoying it. Harry has his opinions, I have mine, “ said the father-in-law of the prince. Some words that should have remained private, which strongly upset Kensington Palace. Thomas Markle hopes that these few words will not have too much impact on his future relationship with his daughter and son-in-law. Nothing is less sure.

In addition, Thomas Markle plans to travel to England, or to ask the couple to visit him soon. And for good reason, he still has not met his son but looks forward to this great moment.


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