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Ten African Startups to Watch

2015 has been a busy year in Africa’s tech startup ecosystem, with startups launching, raising funding, getting acquired, or closing down, on a daily basis.  Of the startups just setting out on their journey, some have lingered on our mind.  So here, meet the 12 emerging African tech startups we at Disrupt Africa will be watching in 2016.  We expect exciting things.

The 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa has come and gone, but the lessons learnt at the fruitful summit held in Rwanda remains relevant. Among other topics discussed at the three-day event was the digital economy and how it can fuel growth in Africa. Inspired by this theme, we take a look at some of the startups making an impact on the continent.

SafeMotos, rwanda
SafeMotos – Rwanda
Zineb Drissi Kaitouni, co-founder of Dabadoc
DabaDoc – Morocco
mozambikes bicycles
Mozambikes – Mozambique
giraffe online platform
Giraffe – South Africa
DIYlaw, nigeria
DIYlaw – Nigeria
RecycloBekia – Egypt
meQasa online platform
meQasa – Ghana
Safari Yetu, kenya
Safari Yetu – Tanzania
Mawingu – Kenya
NerveFlo online platform
NerveFlo – Nigeria


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