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Technology: Watch Moment A Robot Saves A Girl From Being Crushed (VIDEO)

A robot saved a little girl who was about to be crushed by a shelf, which could have been a horror accident. The scene took place in the hall of the Perm Polytechnic University in the Perm village of Perm Perm Krai, where a graduation ceremony took place.

The video shows that the robot moves towards a child who climbs onto a metal shelf to prevent the robot from crushing it while playing. The camera-captured images show that the child was  playing in the hall, while the visitors were walking close by.


The university, which also housed an open house, had hordes of visitors, but it was the apparently faster, more vigilant robot that bravely intervened to prevent a disaster.

Promobot, as it’s called, is seen moving on the wheels to the metal shelves as the child starts to climb.

He reached the shelves at the perfect moment, and is then seen holding them with one hand to prevent them from falling on the kid, and crushing it.

Surprised, the little girl jumps up and down as if nothing had happened.

Watch the video below


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