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‘Technology And Touching Moment’! Blind Mother Saw Her Newborn Baby For The First Time Using A Breakthrough Eyewear!!

When Jesus Christ walks the earth he made a blind man see through faith. But since then, people with brilliant minds are trying to find a way to at least minimize those who will be born blind. Thousands of years had passed, finally a new technology was created to make blindness history.

eSight EyeweareSight Eyewear

Kathy Beitz is legally blind. She lost her vision as a child and, for a long time, adapted to living in a world she couldn’t see. But thanks to a new technology called eSight, she was able to see, not just the first baby in her life, but her first born baby.

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What is eSight?

eSight is the only technology that helps people who are legally blind to actually see.

Our glasses are packed with sophisticated technology designed to support people with legal blindness. eSight is hands-free, mobile, and multi-use, which means that users can move seamlessly between activities, including those that would otherwise be inaccessible due to low-vision.

The electronic tools housed within the eSight system independently adapt to any setting, allowing the user to focus on what they want to see and not on the technology they use.

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