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Technology: Japan is Working on a Flying Car Project [Photo]

Japan is working on a project to set up flying cars. With the involvement of Airbus, as well as US giants Uber and Boeing, the Japanese government on Wednesday gathered several companies to develop flying cars.

According to the Afp, which gives the information, the projects presented in Tokyo have not really been convincing. For the time being, the initiative is still in the draft stage even though a roadmap has been planned by the end of 2018. Among the participants, there was also ANA and Japan Airlines for the aeronautics sector but also Subaru for the automotive sector. and NEC for the technology sector.


According to Shinji Tokumasu, one of the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) officials, these cars “can solve transport problems in isolated or mountainous regions, or during rescue operations in times of natural disasters”.

“We organized this public-private meeting to grow a new industry and make it profitable,” he said.

This Wednesday several projects were presented. Among them, there was one of a test flight by Cartivator with the “SkyDrive” which will have a pilot on board from 2019. This engineering group is supported, financially, by Toyota. In addition, Uber presented the “Elevate” project to unclog urban transport. In addition, Airbus presented Vahana whose first flight was in February. In addition, the device “Flyer” whose funding was done by Google and co-founded with Larry Page. This last device is available for pre-order.


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