Team Who Helped Rescue Thai Boys, Save Dog Trapped In A Cave For 3 Days. [Photos]

Remember the sensational rescue team that helped save the trapped Thai boys from a flooded cavern have put their special skills to use once again.

The South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team was on hand to free a pet dog which had been trapped inside an underground grotto for three days.

Runaway dog George had been out walking with owner Alex Barrett, 29, when he disappeared down a hole at Ogof Taf Fechan caves near Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

But the hole was too tight to reach George – and cave rescuers eventually managed to pull him to safety three days later. 


Footage shows George emerging into the sunlight with his rescuer covered head to toe in mud.

Alex said: ‘I could hear him, so I thought he was really close to the surface, so I spent about eight hours trying to dig him out before I called the fire brigade.

‘The hole was too small, so they got in touch with the cave rescue team who were there for about three days trying to get him out.

‘They eventually managed to get through and start feeding him with food on the end of a stick and water with the top of a bottle before they got him out.’  


Written by How Africa

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