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Teachme 2.0: Nigeria and Africa’s Number 1 Learning & Development Platform Relaunched;.. Learn Anytime, Anywhere.

At we believe education is a powerful tool in today’s technology-driven and fast-paced world. We believe in creating a world where everyone has access to knowledge and learning.

In line with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education): Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, TeachMe started with a burden to help both kids, young people and everyone learn and acquire skills that can help them achieve their goals. is Nigeria’s Largest Online Marketplace and one of the best in Africa. A place where everyone can learn any skill like Programming, Yoga, Design, Photography, Spanish, Marketing, Guitar, Finance, Resume writing, Cake Decorating and so much more.

It is a platform for learning and teaching online where students master new skills and achieving their career, life and business goals. More than anything, learning with will improve your confidence, giving you the hunger to learn more and make you more independent.

Are you a coach, strategist, influencer, teacher, trainer, thought leader, pastor, fashion designer, public speaker, human resource expert, digital marketer, student, banker, researcher, graphics designer…You really need to know about TEACHME.NG


“The most effective, successful professionals are constantly learning, they take the time to apply what they have learned, and they continually work to improve themselves.” – Joel Gardner

We are fully BACK, Bigger and Better.

If you’ve ever thought of making money while teaching what you ALREADY KNOW, this is it!

The newly redesigned Teachme platform. is ready.

It’s free to register for both Instructors and Learners.

There are indeed no barriers to learning and teaching.

If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong, you’re probably not on this page. .

We have several free courses waiting for you.
Register and Get started today… For more enquiries, visit


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