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‘Tapping Allegation’!! Donald Trump Asked By Commission To Prove Accusations Against Obama!!

Ever since President Trump accused Barack Obama of tapping him during the election campaign, the controversy has not subsided. No politician credits this accusation. Congress seized the matter, a commission of inquiry was formed, and asked the president to provide evidence of his allegations. The deadline for the submission of this evidence expires on Monday night in the United States.

Whether they are Democrats or Republicans, parliamentarians are outraged by the Trump Tower eavesdropping affair. A case that originated in a president’s angry tweet on a Saturday morning.

Most do not give credibility to the allegations of Barack Obama’s Donald Trump, but the elected officials do not want to stop there. The intelligence commission formally requests evidence from the White House.


The President’s advisers are increasingly embarrassed when asked about the subject, such as Kellyanne Conway. “Of course, I have no evidence of these allegations. And my answers have nothing to do with what the president said last week. That is why we have a parliamentary inquiry. The FBI director asked the Ministry of Justice to speak, but he himself did not speak. And you know very well that we may be spied now through our microwave or our TV, “says the counselor.

The problem of this case is that one of the presidents will come out wounded. If the charge is validated, the case would be extremely serious for Barack Obama. If these are unfounded allegations, it would be Donald Trump’s credibility, even in the eyes of his own party, whose elected representatives are increasingly urging him to shed light on this affair.


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