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Tanzania’s John Magufuli “I Am Very Tired of Being President”

Being president is a very complicated and difficult task according to John Magufuli. The Tanzanian head of state has revealed that he did not expect such a difficulty when he was elected to lead the country.

In a meeting with his supporters, John Magufuli said: “Honestly, I am very tired of this task” . He also announced that he will not seek a third term.

President Magufuli is currently serving his first five-year term and will likely run for a second term ending in 2025.

Calls have been made for him to stand for a third term, but Magufuli has rejected this proposal.


“Our party, Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM), is like an industry that produces capable leaders, and as such, I will have no reason to stand for election after the end of my mandate” he said. he entrusted to his supporters.

“I have no intention of extending my term, as this would be contrary to the constitution of my party and that of Tanzania as a country. I must make it clear that taking on this position is very difficult and that sacrifices must be made to fill it. “

The Tanzanian leader, elected in 2015, said his party has many potential members who could take over when he is gone.

“The same means that were used to appoint me candidate for the presidency of the CCM in 2015 will be used for my successor who will be even better than me. The Lord has plans for everything. His plans never fail. “


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