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Tanzania’s Humankind Cradle Exhibition is Slated for Today

The National Museum of Tanzania has organised a cradle of humankind in Africa exhibition scheduled to take place at the National Museum centre in Dar es Salaam this evening.

At a media briefing session in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the Director General of the National Museum, Prof Audax Mabula, said the exhibition to be officially launched by the Tourism and Natural Resources Minister, Dr Hamis Kigwangalla, and would be preceded by a seminar in the morning.

He said its focus was to promote local tourism and to give feedback of various research missions on the cradle of humankind in Africa conducted at the Olduvai Gorge, Laetoli and Ngorongoro reserve authority.


The event is a collaborative venture embracing the Spanish Embassy in Tanzania, the Ecological Museums of Madrid, the Institution of Human Origin at the Madrid Institute of Applied Studies, Alcala University and Cosmo Caixa Barcelona Museum in Spain and the Twiga Cement Company Limited.


It is expected to attract people who, besides members of the public, include government leaders, ambassadors and tourists.

“All the displayed items in the exhibition were found within the country through the research conducted by local and foreign scientists, and all the historical items have been well-preserved in the National museum,” said Prof Mabula.

The Spain Ambassador to the country, Mr Felix Costales, recalled that Olduvai Gorge was the heart of the history of Africa and the world at large, and that was why even foreign scientists had eagerly come over to the country to conduct historical research.

Earlier Prof Mabula said the exhibition would feature different stories on homo erectus, homo habilis, Homo sapiens, homo genus, and Acheulian.


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