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Tanzanians in Total Confusion After President Magufuli Confirms that All Donated Covid-19 Testing Kits are Fake

President of Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli has publicly denounced the testing kits for COVID-19 that were donated to Africa by European donors terming them as fake and useless. In a viral video circulating on all social media platforms, Magufuli has given the above report saying they confirmed the results after taking blood samples from different animals and after testing the results came out positive for coronavirus. In his announcement he says that the team led by Ministry of Health PS Professor Mabula Mchembe extracted blood samples from animals like quails, goats and pawpaw, took them to the Tanzanian laboratory, labelled them human names and after testing the results came out positive for COVID-19.


” The sample from a paw paw which we labelled as Elizabeth Anne tested positive for coronavirus. The same with those from quail and goat,” said Magufuli. Magufuli added that he doubted the donations from the onset urging Tanzanians to know that not all free things are good. He criticized the donations from the Chinese tycoon Jack Ma who offered thousands of personal protective gears that landed in Africa early April.

Magufuli in a previous national address said that there is no way he can close churches and any places of worship just because of COVID-19 fears. He assured Tanzanians that he had intentions of even opening national tournaments. Rather than giving out directives of locking down Tanzania’s capital City Daresalam, Magufuli preferred turning the whole country to herbal medicine from Madagascar which is said to be effective in curing COVID-19.

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