Tanzanian Miner Hits Big With 3rd Piece Of Tanzanite Selling For $2 Million

Tanzanian small-scale miner Saniniu Kuryan Laizer, 52, poses with two of the biggest of the country’s precious gemstones, Tanzanite, as a millionaire during the ceremony for his historical discovery in Manyara, northern Tanzania, on June 24, 2020. Filbert RWEYEMAMU / AFP

A Tanzanian miner who previously made the news after discovering two large Tanzanite stones has sold a third one for the equivalent of 2 million US dollars. Saniniu Laizer’s latest find weighed over 6 kilogrammes.

Tanzanite, the blue and violet variety of the mineral zoisite, has only ever been found in northern Tanzania.


Mr Laizer is keen to use the proceeds from his discoveries to help local people:

Small-scale miners like Mr Laizer operate under licences acquired from the government, but illegal mining of the mineral is an issue, especially close to major mining operations.

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Mr Laizer says he will not change his lifestyle, but that he does intend to slaughter one of the cows from his herd of 2,000 to celebrate.

Tanzanite is one of the world’s rarest precious stones and was first discovered as recently as 1967.

The gemstone is used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and ornaments.


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