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Tanzanian Government Bans All Commercial Advertisements on Family Planning

The Tanzanian government has banned all commercials on family planning, reports africanews.

This ban follows President John Magufuli’s stance on family planning. The Tanzanian leader recently called on women to “give up” any means of contraception, stressing that it is important to reproduce.

“Those who use contraceptives are lazy … they are afraid of not being able to feed their children,” said the controversial president.

This statement provoked strong reactions in the opposition and civil society. But John Magufuli is determined to end family planning.

The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, the Elderly and Children have ordered FHI 360, an American NGO, to stop broadcasting and publishing their content on television and radio with immediate effect.


“The ministry intends to change the content of all your commercials on family planning. I therefore ask you to immediately stop the dissemination and publication of any content on family planning until further notice, “said a statement from the Ministry.

On September 9, President Magufuli asked women in the Simiyu region of central Tanzania to ignore the advice of her health minister and other family planning advocates.

“Let me tell you in front of the Minister of Health who is still in favor of family planning, go to the field, work hard … if you have enough food, then make as many children as you can,” he said. he said in the presence of the representative of the United Nations Fund for Population.


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