Tanzania Rice Production To Increase Two Fold by 2018

Tanzania has launched a rice production project that seeks to double the rice produced in its borders by 2018

The project that seeks to support small holders’ efforts to improve rice production and seek markets for them through a partnership with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) according to the Citizen

“This project will provide small scale farmers with an opportunity to acquire new agricultural practices and benefit more from the crop,” said FAO country representative, Mr. Fred Kafeero


Tanzania’s third staple food from Maize and Cassava is rice which has a local production of about 1.35 million tonnes a year with small holder farmers producing 75 percent of the rice.

Rice plays a major role in the East African’s nation economy since it is a major source of food, employment and income generating business for many locals. However, Tanzania still relies heavily on rice imports.

“It is good to see that of late Tanzania has made major strides in rice farming, whereby measures taken by the government have enabled the country to increase its production to the extent that it meets the local demand” said Kefeero


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