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Tanzania Launches Online Land Management System

Managing land rationally in Tanzania will no longer be an enigma for anyone. The country understood the need to integrate new technologies into sectors that proved to be somewhat refractory. Since Friday, it has had an Integrated Land Management Information System (ILMIS).

This new system is presented as a platform to significantly reduce the number of land conflicts. In many African countries characterized by multiple land sales, these solutions can only be welcome whether one is on the side of the population or the government. The project is sponsored by the Ministry of Land, Housing and Human Settlements Development (MLHHSD).


“The state will reduce land insecurity, provide affordable and reliable land administration services to clients, and reduce the time needed to verify, update and transfer land. This initiative will reduce the corruption associated with controls, registration and transfer of securities, while improving public confidence in the land administration system, “said Shaban Pazi, the director of technology for land administration. Information and Communication at MLHHDS.

Landowners meanwhile will be able to secure access to information through a computer or smartphone to facilitate ownership of their properties.

“This initiative will reduce corruption associated with checks, registration and transfer of title, while improving public confidence in the land administration system,” said the project manager.

Tanzania has in the past been a victim of land problems that have endangered the coexistence of populations by creating disparities and untouchable inter-community conflicts.


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