Tanzania Builds Its First Helicopter

The first “made in Tanzania” helicopter soon in the air. This East African country, demonstrates to the world, its technological strength, by making its first helicopter. It is a two-seater machine, made by two Tanzanians, and is in its final stage of production and will begin flight testing once it has obtained authorization from the Authority of the ” Civil Aviation of Tanzania reports the “Daily News”.

The device was designed as part of a project initiated by the Mechanical Engineering Department of Arusha Technical College, a program to provide Tanzania with affordable helicopters to address the recurring The country.


Adisai Msongole and Abdi Mjema, are the two engineers behind this aircraft. The two engineers, at first glance, were considering using it for security (surveillance) and economic (agriculture) purposes. “We are completing President Magufuli’s industrialization policy as a pioneer of the first locally produced helicopters that will be available to ordinary residents at affordable prices,” said engineer Abdi Mjema.
With a flight ceiling of 400 to begin with, due to the high altitude in the mountainous region and a non-pressurized cabin, the ATC Prototype helicopter will make a difference for the East African country. Engineers will increase the flight height to the normal commercial level.

According to the college, it can produce up to 20 gear within a year as soon as the project gets approval from the higher authorities. “Once we get the approval from the aviation authority, we will complete the most sensitive part of the helicopter, the main rotor assembly. Tanzanian helicopters manufactured will fly before 2020 and in particular 2018, “said engineer Mjema.


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