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Talented Nigerian Student Builds Turbine Engine That Can Generate Electricity

A student from Gombe State University (GSU) in Nigeria, identified as @ Ayyub99 on Twitter, joined the League of Outstanding Students after building and inventing a turbine engine that produces electricity.


The photos of the talented young man from the SSU geology department were shared on Twitter via the school’s social media page, identifying him as an extremely talented student who, despite everything, created something worthy of praise.

Ayyub99 made a public presentation of his machine at the Climate Hub Northeast held recently in Gombe. Nigerian media say the engine is running, making it more economical.

Some social media users have indicated that the government is empowering students like Ayyub99, who, without any engineering certification, have been able to create remarkable machines that can generate electricity.

It is no news that Nigeria suffers from a huge electricity deficit.

In a similar story, Emeka Nelson, a 26-year-old innovator, invented a generator that only works with water. He made remarkable invention without having a certified engineering degree. In fact, the inventor only graduated from high school. The machine that is, more or less, a breakthrough innovation has attracted the attention of many people.


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