Talented Man Constructs Bicycle That Uses Generator Engine

A Nigerian man in Borno state has constructed a local bicycle that operates with a generator engine.

The bicycle was spotted in Maiduguri the capital of Borno state in Nigeria. An unidentified man was spotted riding it.

The generator engine powered bicycle is built like a tricycle with three tyres, two at the back and one in the front.

It was constructed like any other bicycle except for the engine that was fixed at the back between the two tyres at the back and another that was fixed under the sit.

Talented Nigerian

Talented Nigerian man constructs bicycle that uses motor engine Photo Source: Facebook



According to the Facebook user who spotted the bicycle, the invention would be extremely useful in a state such as Borno which is still affected by motorcycle ban due to Boko Haram insurgents.

Talented Nigerian

This invention would develop Borno state, Nigeria Photo Source: Facebook

The user said: “A young talented guy in Nigeria made a local bicycle that uses a motorcycle engine in Maidiguri, Borno State. This bicycle is powered by a generator engine which helps driving without the use of pedals.”

“This unique technology will surely help in especially the State which is still affected by motorcycle ban as a result of Boko Haram.”


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