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“Take Care of Your Business,” Venezuela Replies Emmanuel Macron to Face Yellow Vests

Before the UN Security Council, the head of Venezuelan diplomacy, Jorge Arreaza, recalled that, according to him, Westerners should be blamed for their interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

Very stormy extraordinary meeting , January 26, of the United Nations Security Council devoted to Venezuela. Under the blaze of accusations from the West and some Latin American countries, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza snubbed Emmanuel Macron’s ultimatum.

The French leader has indeed given on Twitter, eight days in Venezuela before recognizing as legitimate Juan Guaido, president of the Venezuelan National Assembly and self-proclaimed President of the Bolivarian Republic.

Respect the self-determination of peoples

The head of the Venezuelan diplomacy thus sent back the French executive to the demands, fiscal and political, of the yellow Vests. “Why does President Macron, instead of looking into the permanent manifestations of the Yellow Vests, of the French working people, come to take care of Venezuela? […] Take care of your business, we do not interfere in your business, respect the United Nations charter, “he said . And to add: “Respect the self-determination of peoples”. That same January 26, Emmanuel Macron announcedthat France could recognize Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela. “Without elections announced within eight days, we will be ready to recognize Juan Guaido as” president in charge “of Venezuela to initiate a political process,” he said on Twitter. And to add: “We are working with European partners.”

Western interference and US coup, according to Caracas

Interference with Venezuela’s internal affairs, in contravention of the United Nations Charter and international law? This is obviously the opinion of Caracas, that  Russia shares , and that the minister did not hesitate to defend before the security council.

Recalling Washington’s role in the attempt to overthrow President Hugo Chavez in 2002, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister has outlined the long list of American interventions in Latin America, considered since the nineteenth century and the Monroe doctrine as the back – Washington DC. “It should be the United States, which should be subject to permanent scrutiny, because of its contempt for international law, its interference, its invasions and its support for coups d’etat,” he said. he still launched. 

According to the Associated Press  (AP) in December 2018, Juan Guaido, president of the National Assembly of Venezuela went quietly to Washington, as well as to Colombia and Brazil, with the aim of briefing the administrations of these countries on its intention to organize mass demonstrations on the occasion of the investiture of the elected Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, on January 10th. According to AP, US officials then set up an encrypted messaging system. Juan Guaido also assured his foreign interlocutors that he would proclaim himself president on January 23, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 1958 military coup in Venezuela …

On January 27, Nicolas Maduro announced in an interview with CNN Turk that he rejected the joint ultimatum of France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain.


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