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Taiwan Becomes The First Asian Country To Legalize G’ay Marriage – Supreme Court Rules!!


The Supreme Court ruled Wednesday, May 24, that the law prohibiting gay marriage was unconstitutional. Taiwan will thus become the first Asian country to legalize marriage for all.
The Supreme Court of Taiwan issued a ruling that will allow legalization of gay marriage, the daily Tzuyou Shihpao (Liberty Times) reported.

“The Court found that the law prohibiting it was unconstitutional. ”
Of the fourteen members of the Court, details the site of the liberal daily,” seven lawyers, most of the Liberals, were in favor of this interpretation , And were joined by several of the magistrates who also made up the Court, forming a two-thirds majority necessary to render the judgment. ”
At the origin of the question put to the Court, a decision of the Taipei City Council Marriage necessarily unites a man and a woman, which has led to a controversy over the Constitution. A homosexual couple had been refused marriage by the town hall and had filed a complaint.

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