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Taher Sellami; Tunisian Student Develops App to Tackle Gender Discrimination

19-year-old Taher Sellami is a young entrepreneur who is striving to change the narrative of gender discrimination in many hiring processes. The business student developed an app called INO, that serves as a medium between job seekers, and their prospective employees.

The app, just like block chain secures the identities of applicants submitting their CV through INO without exposing their photos or even nationality. This way, successful applicants are hired solely on grounds of competence and skills.


Sellami who spoke on this emphasized that the idea sprung up from an Ivorian friend of his, who was declined at a job interview became of his background. The candidate who was eventually hired was found to possess fewer skills, but he was Tunisian.

Speaking to UN Women Sellami said, “They called me names. I was asked, ‘why should you fight for women’s rights if you are a man,’…I believe that equality between men and women is not only a question of economic equality but above all, it is a moral imperative.”


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