Syrian Refugees Name Their Daughter Angela Merkel Mohammed In Tribute To The German Chancellor!

To thank the German Chancellor for her policy of openness towards migrants, Syrian parents have chosen to call their daughter Angela Merkel Mohammed. An idea that had already emulated in the past, not in Germany.

Angela Merkel Mohammed: the first name of a girl of Syrian refugees in tribute to the Chancellor

Born on August 16, the daughter of the Mohammed has only a few days, but she already has everything of great: her parents, Syrian refugees in Germany, chose to honor the Chancellor by naming their child … Angela Merkel. A way for them to thank the one who runs for a fourth term in a row, according to the words of the spokesperson of the motherhood of Münster, where the girl was born.


The parents of little Angela – Merkel is her middle name – arrived in Germany with their first four children as migrants flocked to Europe. Like many of their compatriots, they had responded to the Chancellor’s appeal to the Syrians and Iraqis in 2015 to take refuge in Germany.

That year in Hanover, a Ghanaian mother had already chosen to name her daughter Angela Merkel Ade for similar reasons. In France, the year before, parents of Malian origin had chosen Francois and Holland in the third and fourth forenames for their son. It was a matter for them to show their gratitude to the former French head of state for Operation Serval, conducted in Mali by the French army from 2013 to 2014 to face the Islamist threat in the region.

A visit of the former US president in 2015 to Kenya – his father’s country of origin – had also caused a peak of little boys named Barack Obama in the maternity wards of the country. A certain family mother had been calling her son AirForceOne Barack Obama.


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