Syria And South Africa Working Towards Enhancing Economic Cooperation And Friendship

Minister of Housing and Public Works, Hussein Arnous, and Ambassador of South African Republic in Damascus, Sean Pennfeldt, discussed means to develop and activate relations of cooperation and friendship between the two countries.
Arnous appreciated the South African Republic’s support to Syria in the face of the unjust terrorist war, indicating that the situation in Syria is getting better, where the wheel of economy and production started to rotate due to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.
For his part, Ambassador Benfeldt expressed confidence that Syria will become stronger after the elimination of terrorism and the return of security and stability to it.
He indicated to the possibility of developing cooperation in housing fields and matters related to rapid construction and modern techniques of construction.
Pennfeldt said that a seminar for business and investment will be held with Syrian businessmen and one of the South African’s companies in the 25th of the current month.


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