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Synthesizing Obama: Scientists Create A Fake Obama [Watch Video]

Researchers at the University of Washington have produced a photorealistic former US President Barack Obama, reports Nation.

The scientists used Artificial Intelligence to model how Mr. Obama moves his mouth when he speaks. The technique puts any words into the synthetic Barack Obama’s mouth and comes out as the real Obama would speak.

Former United States President Barack Obama Picture Courtesy | How Africa News
Former United States<a Href=httpshowafricacomcategoryafrican celeb profiles> President<a> Barack Obama Picture Courtesy

Scientists convert audio sounds into mouth movements and blending them onto an existing video of speech. Proving how easy it is to produce fake news.

The scientists behind the project say their computer system can also be reversed to make a verification tool. Videos could be fed into the system to check if they are real or have been tampered with, they said.So why did the researchers choose Obama for their project? The scientists chose Obama for their work because there were hours of high-definition video of him available online in the public domain, they said.

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