Symptoms And Signs That Your Body Is Filled With Toxins

The polluted air is a very serious problem in today’s world.  A lot of toxins enter our body, which can cause serious health problems. Also the food that we are eating today contains additives, and they contain maybe small amount of toxins, but consuming them every day for a long period of time, can cause serious health problems.

When our body is filled with toxins it starts warning us, but in the most cases, those signs are ignored. Feeling tired and having no energy during the day, headaches, increased sensitivity of smell, fatigue and pains are not taken seriously.
So if you notice some of the following signs, do not ignore them, because your body is trying to warn you about the toxins in your body.

1. Weight problems

What can cause a pretty good mess with the gland is a big quantity of toxins. It is very hard to burn kilograms, but if the kilograms that you had before starting exercising and eating healthy is still the same, then your problem is hormonal. To make a normal hormone balance, your body needs complete detox.

2. Bad breath

If you do the regular oral hygiene every day, but you still have bad breath, then it is so maybe because you have digestive problems and it is a sign that you have increased toxins in your body.

3. Fatigue


Do you wake up tired in the morning, when you are sleeping regularly at night? Is it hard for you to make it through the day? If you notice something like this, do not ignore it, because your body is trying to destroy all the toxins inside. The best way to prevent this is to start eating more fruit and vegetables, and to drink more water. And for even better health condition, avoid sugar and caffeine.

4. Muscle pain

You can’t train the same exercises from the previous days? You feel pain in the muscles without any workouts? The reason are the toxins that are inside your body.

5. Constipation

Consequences of constipation are the headaches and fatigue. When we have constipation problems, the toxins remain in the digestive system causing negative effects. The toxins are guaranteed if your nutrition is filled with chemicals and pesticides.

6. Skin change

Acnes can appear as effect of different crèmes and lotions but psoriasis and eczema should never be ignored because they are only appearing when the organism is fighting with toxins.

7. Increased sensitivity of smell

If you notice headache right after you felt strong smell, then the one and only problem are the toxins in your body.

You can solve the problems above in a very easy way. Here are some tips:

– What will help to get rid of toxins, is drinking a lot of water.
– Exercising helps with circulation and it helps to get rid of toxins. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
– Dandelion, coriander or parsley tea
– Brush your tongue, while brushing your teeth
– Yogurt, Greek yogurt, kombucha tea is what your nutrition should contain
– Much more oxygen is better, so inhale and exhale a lot daily
– Use products without any chemicals, which are on natural base
– Eat often organic food because it is much more healthier.


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