Swaziland Rights Group Criticise King Mswati Over Jet Purchase

The Swaziland Solidarity Network has lashed out at King Mswati III, questioning his morality and leadership and saying that he deliberately works against getting people out of poverty.

This criticism comes after the king purchased a second jet, an Airbus jet that reportedly belonged to China Airlines and has the capacity to carry 350 people.

It says the purchase is a slap in the face of citizens living in poverty, who are still suffering from the drought that has gripped the southern part of the continent.

The network’s Lucky Lukhele says the monarch has never worked a day in his life meaning the money for this jet comes directly from state coffers.

“Someone who calls himself a leader but doesn’t have a little bit of fibre of morality is so selfish that he goes and buys a jet. He doesn’t even wait for the rain to fall. We find it extremely insensitive of the king.”

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