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Suzanne Shank is Wall Street’s Most Influential Woman & First Black Woman to Run the Traded Financial Services Institution

The  Urban intellectuals  daily  reveals that Suzanne Shank is the black woman who ranks first in Wall Street’s richest women rankings, with a wallet worth one trillion dollars.

 When the vast majority of people think of Wall Street titans, they imagine rich white men who reap all the benefits. Ms. Chank proves the opposite, as the NegroNews website states.

Suzanne Shank became the first black woman to run a publicly traded financial services institution last year. This Black American has been promoted to Managing Director of  Siebert Financial Corporation . This is certainly a monumental feat but nothing could have defined the career and future of this woman out of the ordinary.


In addition to this prestigious position, Suzanne Shank is also the CEO of Siebert Brandford Shank & Co. LLC , the largest minority equity financing company in the United States.

Inspiration: Wall Street's most influential woman is black

A priori, It seems huge and exhausting for a woman who divides her time between these two companies, but Shank assures to be well and feels very fulfilled.

In 1987, Suzanne Shank graduated from Wharton MBA University in Finance as well as Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is married and mother.

All black women can identify with Suzanne Shank’s message of will and determination.

Suzanne Shank is one of the black women we must remember as a pioneer, whose destiny is to inspire, develop, nurture a lot of people in our society who should grasp the impact of her success and to appropriate it.

Despite the fact that we do not all have the same dreams and the same struggles, we should remember that no matter where we come from, we can, all as much as we are and at various levels, impact on our society as this reference woman.

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