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Suspected Coup d’état in Gabon; The French Army Arrives in the Capital, Libreville

By a constitutional robbery, Pierre Claver Menganga Moussavou seized the presidential chair in Gabon while it was logically expected that the president of the Senate is acting.

The Constitutional Court, which is used to violating the Basic Law, has made a new paragraph of Article 13 to allow the vice-president who does not have the power to ensure the vacancy of power and to preside over the Council of Ministers. which is held this Friday.

Still under house arrest, Jean Ping and the opposition coalition for the New Republic denounce a constitutional coup d’etat. “To amend the Constitution, a referendum is necessary or Parliament must meet in congress. The Constitution is not appropriate, so they change it as they see fit. It’s a coup “, exclaims Jean-Gaspard Ntoutoume Ayi of the National Union.

After the movements of the army to square Port-Gentil, it is the elements of the French army who landed discreetly in Libreville, while there are already nearly 900 French permanent soldiers in Gabon.

Despite the parody of independence granted in 1960, France deployed its soldiers on Gabonese territory in accordance with the defense agreements of August 1960 and 2011.

The 6th Marine Infantry Battalion was founded in 1975, and the French soldiers are still stationed at the Camp site bearing the name of General Charles de Gaulle, close to the airport, ready to intervene under the pretext of protecting the 10,000 French settled in Gabon.


The hand-putting of France on Gabon is without gang. While President Léon Mba was hospitalized at Claude Bichat hospital in Paris for two years, it was France that forced the dying head of state to sign the appointment of Omar Bongo as vice-president.

It was from the Gabonese embassy in Paris that the Gabonese people learned that Omar Bongo Ondimba had become Leon Mba’s successor. And here is the same tactic that is updated.

Victim of fainting and admitted to the King Faisal Hospital, which has a neurology unit at Johns Hopkins University, before being placed in a light artificial coma to allow edema to subside, the state Ali Bongo’s health remains unclear.

The doctors, including his French doctor who made the trip, await a final awakening of the head of state to decide.

Meanwhile, the clan placed in power by France since 1967, immediately took over to preserve the family legacy. DG of special services of the Republican Guard (GR), elite unit of the national army, Colonel Frédéric Bongo, half-brother of Ali Bongo, watches over the country’s security, information and especially their interests.

It is the current presidential cabinet director, Brice Laccruche Alihanga, armed arm of First Lady Sylvia Bongo who manages political and financial affairs with Prime Minister Emmanuel Issoze Ngondet.

As in August 2009, following the death of his lover President Omar Bongo, Marie-Madeleine Mborantsuo, the president of the Constitutional Court, has just turned article 13 of the constitution in its sauce of illegal politic shenanigans to entrust exceptional prerogatives of acting president to the vice-president. The army is ready to crush the people who are called to protest against this constitutional coup d’etat globally.



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