Suspected African Swine Fever Breaks Out In Northern Zambia

Suspected African Swine Fever has broken out in some districts in the northern part of Zambia, a veterinary government official said on Saturday.


The disease, which affects pigs, has broken out in two districts of Nakonde and Shiwang’andu in Muchinga province situated in the northern part of the country and officials fear that it could spread to other districts if not contained.

Wilson Katumbi, a provincial veterinary officer, said initial investigations on history, clinical signs and post-mortem lesions were pointing to Swine Fever, according to the National Agricultural Information Service (NAIS), a government agency specializing in agriculture information.

He said about 248 pigs were at risk of contracting the disease in the two districts, with 20 pigs having died so far.

The Veterinary Department has since started sensitizing farmers on the preventive measures to be put in place, he added


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