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Survey Shows Almost 80% of Girls Married Before the Age of 18 in this African Country

The condition of the girl in Niger is still very critical. According to a demographic survey in the country, 76.3% are married before reaching 18 years of age.

The Nigerian government has put in place a Strategic Plan that provides for the establishment of Child Protection Committees. Due to the rate of girls married before the age of 18 in the country.

According to the Demographic and Health Survey of Niger in 2012, the country registered 76.3% of married girls before the age of eighteen.


The conclusions were given at the end of the Council of Ministers, held on Friday, July 19, 2019, in Niamey, one learns from Agenceecofin.

The same study states that 48.2% of these girls had a child at that age. The impact of this measure on girls’ education is considerable. A UNICEF survey indicates that, at the same time, girls accounted for only 83.7 per cent of the enrollment rate of boys in secondary school.

The Council noted that, despite the adoption of the Child Protection Framework Document in 2013, children in Niger continue to be victims of violence, abuse and exploitation, including early marriage.


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