Super Simple Ways to Appear More Confident in Every Situation

We want to feel 100 percent confident in everything we do, whether it’s picking out the right foundation shade, mastering our grooming routines, or running a board meeting for the very first time. Not only that, but we also want others to know we feel confident! Turns out, a lot of that can be interpreted through our body language. No joke, beauty habits like flipping your hairand even how we stand can give off vibes to those around us.

If that’s the case, we should learn how to control those for our advantage, no? That’s what we learned from body language expert and author of What Every BODY is SayingJoe Navarro, at Dollar Shave Club’s brand new Big Cloud product line launch. Intrigued, we caught back up with the pro to find out exactly how to appear more confident in every aspect of our lives. Check out a few of his tips on what to avoid and incorporate into your daily interactions along with interesting facts about body language, below.

Don’t Groom in Public.
“Preening by both men and women is perceived as weak,” notes Navarro. So if you need to fix up that lipstick or tame a few fly-aways, your best bet is to run to the bathroom before starting that big speech or pitch or as Navarro says, preen in a private place.

Stand Firm.
Literally—especially in a work environment or when you’re leading a meeting. “When comfortable, we tend to cross our legs while standing, that is fine when things are very relaxed, but stand with both legs firmly planted for that initial display of confidence,” suggests Navarro. He also says if you’re using a lectern, you shouldn’t use it as a shield but instead, you should step away from it.


Use Hand Gestures.
Talking with your hands is more than OK—just watch how you do it. He suggests using smooth, broad gestures, and backing up a passionate statement with a hand gesture where your fingers are spread apart.

Know that Repetitive Behaviors are Self-Soothing Behaviors.
According to Navarro, behaviors that are repetitive–think nail biting, hair plucking, or hair twirling over and over and over again–are self-soothing actions. Basically, he says we use these to calm ourselves down, and you’re more likely to notice these at places like the airport or before someone is taking a test.

But interestingly enough, men and women actually differ between their behaviors when things get stressful. So that’s why you may not see a man twirling his hair when he’s uncomfortable. “Men ventilate their jackets when there is discomfort or an issue, where women ventilate by lifting up the hair on the back of their necks,” he explains. What’s more, women tend to bite their lips when they’re stressed out, but he says men actually compress their lips! In addition, he ways women cover up their neck dimple when distressed, while men will grab their necks more aggressively.

But remember, when you feel good, your body language follows! According to Navarro, being comfortable in your physical appearance totally shows. So if hot pink lipstick is your jam, you now have even more of a reason to wear it!



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