Sugarcane Can Boost Sperm Count And Conception – Nutritionist



Olufunmilola Adewumi, the assistant chief nutritionist at the Orile Agege general hospital in Lagos state, says those seeking to improve their fertility level and libido should consider taking sugarcane.



Adewumi, who spoke with NAN on Monday, said sugarcane also help women address ovulation-related problem by increasing their chances of safer pregnancy and quicker conception.


According to her, sugarcane contains a significant amount of nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B2, magnesium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.


“Sugarcane has copious amounts of vitamin B9 and folic acid which protects the unborn child from birth defects, such as Spina bifida,” she said.


“It also acts as an aphrodisiac, increasing libido and sperm count. It helps in rectifying erectile dysfunction.”


Adewumi said that apart from boosting libido and safer pregnancy, consuming sugarcane juice could help to reduce the burning sensation associated with Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).


“It can reduce urinary tract infection, kidney stones and prostatitis when consumed in a diluted form, with lime juice and coconut water,’’ she added.


The nutritionist enjoined people to take 400ml of sugarcane juice on a daily basis to derive its inherent benefits.


She, however, warned that overconsumption could cause stomach upset, unnecessary weight loss, headaches and dizziness.


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