#SudanUprising: Here’s How You Can Support the People of Sudan as they Fight to Stay Alive

While the internet is still shut down in Sudan, all of us outside are still pushing the news, letting the world know that something can be done. Has to be done.

And what can you do?

It may seem trivial, but the blue avatars, a way to generate awareness for the military crackdown, does help.

It may not exactly provide medicine for the sick, but it does put in the mind, whenever it is seen, the awareness that people are dying in Sudan.

Journalist Zeinab Mohammed Salihfor the BBC, reported that the protest movement is slowly re-galvanising itself. Protests are beginning to be held at night. Those outside Sudan, who believe in their right to a fair government, can lend our voices, again, however trivial it may seem.


Of course, there are also ways to help directly:

There’s this GoFundMe campaign out of the UK that claims to be helping with medical aid in Sudan. You can donate here.

There’s a campaign on Facebook, too, claiming to provide food and medicine for those in Sudan. You can donate here.

A campaign is petitioning the UN to investigate the human rights violations. You can sign the petition here.

There’s the International Rescue Committee, stationed in Sudan since 1989, fighting malnutrition and helping the displaced since then. You can donate here.

Save the Children has been in Sudan since 1984, helping the displaced and providing food. You can donate here.

Please please please. These are real lives, real people. Help as much as you can.


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