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Sudan’s New Government Ministers Take Constitutional Oath

Ministers of Sudan’s new government on Saturday took the constitutional oath before Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

“There are priorities for this new government in improving the livelihood of the people, addressing the economic situation and achieving peace and stability,” Bushara Juma’a Aror, Sudan’s new information minister, told reporters following the oath-taking ceremony.

Interior Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman reiterated that the current economic crisis represents the main challenge for the new government.


Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party (NCP) on Thursday announced a new government formation of 21 federal ministries.

According to Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, deputy chairman of NCP, Abdalla Hamadouk was appointed as minister of finance, and Hasaba Al-Nabi Mussa as minister of agriculture, while Azhari Abdul-Ghadir was named as minister of oil, gas and minerals.

Mashair Al-Dawalab took the post of minister of general education, and Ahmed Bilal Osman will head the interior ministry, he added.

Sudan has been suffering from an economic crisis caused by the liquidity shortage and the depreciation of its national currency.


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