Sudanese Govt Receives 4 Babies Whose Parents Died While Fighting For IS Militants

Sudanese government has received four orphaned babies believed to be those of IS militants who died during war in the Libyan city of Sirte.

The Sirte war happened between 2015 and 2016, during which Libyan forces were supported by US to defeat the dreaded IS militants.

The handing over of the four kids follows a similar exercise that was done in June this year, during which some eight children were given to Sudanese government.


Poor kids! 4 babies whose parents died while fighting for IS militants handed over to Sudan



There are reportedly still several orphaned children in Misrata who are still waiting to be claimed by their respective countries and relatives.

According to Reuters, hundreds of women and children were detained in Misrata towards the end of the war. These include nationals from Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Senegal, Niger and Chad.

Officials at Misrata are now calling upon countries that are yet to claim their babies to do as as an act of humanity so that the kids can be united with their existing relatives.


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