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Success Has No Age!! Meet The 12 World’s Personalities Who Have Had Success late! Africans dominate list….

12 World's Personalities Who Have Had Success late

Who does not want to be successful? At what age would you like to have one? The majority of you will say before 30 years. Yet age does not matter. Some personalities have had success at a more or less advanced age and this does not affect the value of it. You can succeed at any age and these 12 personalities will show it to you.

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Vera Wang was a skater and journalist before embracing the world of fashion and becoming one of the best stylists of wedding dress. So she was successful at the age of 40. She has been awarded several prizes and is a member of the Council of American Fashion Designers.


Betty White is an actress known and recognized by the profession. But she became an icon at the age of 51 when she joined the cast of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” an American sitcom.


Samuel L. Jackson waited nearly 20 years between the beginning of his career and his first award. Indeed, his first trophy was given to him to his 43 years for the film “Jungle Fever” of Spike Lee. Since then, he has multiplied the roles of success thanks to an authentic interpretation.


Today, actress, producer and screenwriter, Tina Fey, whose success has pale more than one, began her career at the age of 27 years on Saturday Night Live broadcast on NBC. But it is only 3 years later that she meets success thanks to her role in “30 rock” or even her appearances in Lolita despite me and Baby mama .


It is thanks to Steve McQueen’s 12 years a slave film that Lupita Nyong’o is revealed to the face of the world. Her performance of Patsey earned her 19 awards in 2013 and 2014. At 30, she becomes the 15th actress to receive an Oscar during her film debut. A full cardboard for Lupita.


The author of Harry Potter has fought for years so that her scripts are read. However, they were rejected several times. It was at 32 that his first volume of Harry Potter was sold. She then becomes a billionaire thanks to a saga that she succeeds in making live even after closing the story of this young wizard orphan.


Steve Jobs was successful as a youngster, however, being excluded from his company, he started from scratch and regained success in his early thirties. It is never too late to succeed or start over if necessary. Will and determination make a difference.


Oprah Winfrey has long evolved in various radio stations and television channels. After being demoted and dismissed, it was at the age of 30 that Oprah took his revenge thanks to his talk show which became the most famous of Chicago.


It can be estimated that the beginning of the career to the cinema of Viola Davis is delayed since it turned its first film to 31 years. But it is at 36 years that his talent is recognized by the critic thanks to the color of the feelings of Tate Taylor then in 2015 thanks to the role of Annalize Keating in How To get away with murder .


Shonda Rhimes is an inescapable personality on the small screen. She started as a screenwriter for various series but the kickoff of her success was with the Gray’s Anatomy series at the age of 35. Since then, she has not been stopped: How to get away with Murder, The Catch, Scandal … have made her one of the best creators of series.


At the age of 16, Kerry Washington met the world of film, but it was only at the age of 35 that success came into her life thanks to her role as Olivia Pope in the Scandal series. Kerry’s success is the result of her patience and determination.


Anna Wintour knew very young what she wanted: to become the editor of the magazine Vogue. Anna Wintour worked for various editorial staff but her dream of working for Vogue was at her 39th birthday. Despite difficult beginnings, Anna Wintour never abandoned her ambitions and aspirations.

All these examples show that it is never too late to start, to start over and to surpass oneself. Being old is not a fault on the contrary, it can even be an advantage if you know how to leverage your past experiences. And most importantly, it is up to you to make the right decisions in future situations. Do not limit yourself because of your age, it is only one factor among many others. Work hard and do not let yourself be buried by the disappointments that may appear on your way. Be determined, combative, motivated and persevering.

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