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Substratum; The Only Company That Believes Internet Should Be Accessible By Everyone


In United States, many frequently underestimate how simple it is for us to get access to the internet and any site on the web. Be that is not usually the case for every other people across the globe.

For example, there are various countries that effectively channel and square the internet and just enable only their citizens to see a curated version of the web.

Presumably the most striking nation that does this is China.

Over this administration control, there is additionally the corporate control that the internet is liable and accountable to.

When we access the internet from our cell phones and browsers, we are allowing companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple to dictate what is being displayed.

One of the biggest ways this is done is through search engines that purposely pick and choose what will be displayed.

And this can be a problem if you don’t believe that governments and companies have our best interests in mind.

But it’s also a problem that Justin Tabb and his team at Substratum are trying to change. And they’re doing it using the technology that Bitcoin is built on, the blockchain.

Blockchain Technology

As I covered in a previous piece, Blockchain technology is a way of distributing the operations of a system across hundreds and even thousands of computers in order to ensure that there is no way to alter or corrupt that system.

And while the most famous use case for this technology is cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, the uses for the blockchain are actually endless.

And Substratum is developing an open-source foundation for a decentralized web; one that can’t be manipulated by governments or corporations.

It’s a lofty goal for this startup that was founded just this year, but as Justin describes it, “it’s something that the world needs.

Very few people actually understand how the internet works, and because of that, it allows those in the know to manipulate it for their gains.


And that’s what we’re trying to stop.”


While other companies have tried their hands at this before, there have always been roadblocks and limitations.

For instance, TOR or The Onion Browser, is a popular anonymous browser that allows web surfers to mask their identity.

And while it’s been billed as a tool for hackers, the browser is actually a great tool for people who just don’t want Facebook and Google literally tracking their every step (no joke, they’re tracking your cell phones).

But TOR falls short of opening up the entire web to people in areas that filter the internet.

It allows the user to remain anonymous, but it doesn’t have any functionality for getting around censors and firewalls.

Substratum is currently holding their ICO, or initial coin offering.

During the ICO, they will be selling their tokens, which will be utilized on their new decentralized web, and will be using the funds raised to develop their technology and bring this vision to life.


Justin concedes that this will be an uphill battle in driving adoption for a decentralized web.

But he believes it will grow much more quickly in these restricted markets.

“One day, Americans might wake up and realize they don’t like big brother watching over their shoulder and having corporations track everything they do. And when that happens, Substratum will be there.”

He continues, “but in countries where dealing with a censored internet is a daily challenge, this idea will take hold like wildfire.”

You can find out more about Substratum and their ICO here.

The ICO will be wrapping up on September very soon.


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