Sub-saharan Africa’s Top 10 Most Competitive Economies

Mauritius is sub Saharan Africa’s most competitive economy according to the latest ranking of ‘The Global Competitiveness Index,’ by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The country however ranks at number 45 on the global ladder of 138 countries with a score of 4.49, a step from their ranking last year. Mauritius is sandwiched by Italy and Portugal.

South Africa, Rwanda, Botswana and Namibia completed the top 5 places for sub Saharan Africa. The WEF has been measuring economic competitiveness among countries since 1979.

The WEF defines it as “the set of institutions, policies and factors that determine the level of productivity of a country”. Others are subtly different but all generally use the word “productivity”.

Below is the top 10 of sub Saharan Africa’s competitive economies.

  • 1. Mauritius ranked 45th globally with score of 4.49
  • 2. South Africa ranked 47th globally with score of 4.47
  • 3. Rwanda ranked 52nd globally with score of 4.41
  • 4. Botswana ranked 64th globally with score of 4.29
  • 5. Namibia ranked 84th globally with score of 4.02
  • 6. Kenya ranked 95th globally with score of 3.92
  • 7. Cote D’ivoire ranked 99th globally with score of 3.86
  • 8. Gabon ranked 108th globally with score of 3.79
  • 9. Ethiopia ranked 109th globally with score of 3.77
  • 10. Cape Verde ranked 110th globally with score of 3.76

On the global scale, Switzerland, Singapore, United States, Netherlands and Germany completed the top 5 economies with scores of 5.81, 5.72, 5.70, 5.57 and 5.57 respectively.

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