Amazing Health Benefits Of Corn Silk That You Did Not Know !

Clearly you didn’t think about the advantages of corn silk and that is the reason you generally toss it away.But as opposed to tossing it away,corn silk has such a variety of employments.

Corn silk advantages.


Anticipates Kidney Stones:

Before numerous years corn silk has been utilized as a part of request to avert kidney stone.It is exceptionally valuable since it can help in the best possible stream of pee that keeps the aggregation of gems which are available in kidney.But it can’t expel the stone in the kidney(if there is a stone).

Helps with blood thickening:

The corn silk likewise contains Vitamin K which can help you in blood clotting.This Vitamin ensures that you don’t lose over the top blood from your body when you accidentally get hurt.


Controls glucose:

Most recent studies have demonstrated that corn silk is exceptionally successful in light of the fact that it can control the glucose levels.It can build insulin levels and helps in the repair of harmed cells in the pancreas.

Control cholesterol:

It likewise controls the cholesterol in the body. Elevated cholesterol prompts a few heart sicknesses. Henceforth utilization of external silk of corn can help in keeping you far from the heart-related diseases.

Diuretic properties

It has diuretic properties which flushes out over the top liquids and poisons from the body thus keeping the danger of cardiovascular ailment and Urinary tract tainting (UTI).

How To Consume Corn Silk?

Bubble water and add corn silk to it, serve hot or frosty. Lemon juice can be added to improve the taste.

Put corn silk in a jug loaded with water and hold the jug under sun direct daylight for a day. In night add some nectar to that water and drink.




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