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Study Says One Migration From Africa Populated The World

Scientific studies have long since proven that the first human beings on earth lived on the continent known today as Africa.

However, the big question Western scientists have had for scores of years is this: What path of migration did the early humans take, which lead them to populating the rest of the world? A report that was published last Wednesday (September 21st) in the Nature International Weekly Journal of Science provides an answer to this question.

The Wednesday report, which was also covered by The New York Times is based on a study that was conducted by three separate groups of geneticists. These groups collected DNA from people who live in all four corners of the world, including many people who do not live on the continent of Africa. What these geneticists found was compelling.

“[The researchers] conclude that all non-Africans today trace their ancestry to a single population emerging from Africa between 50,000 and 80,000 years ago,” wrote Carl Zimmer, a New York Times columnist. Zimmer is an expert on the study of biology. His column in The Times gets published every week and is called Matter.


Professor Joshua M. Akey of the University of Washington also wrote a Nature commentary, which was based on the study conducted by the three groups of geneticists who proved that one migration from Africa populated the entire globe.

“I think all three studies are basically saying the same thing,” Akey said. “We know there were multiple dispersals out of Africa, but we can trace our ancestry back to a single one.” he continued.

Early efforts by non-Western scientists who were studying this same issue about African migration long ago found this out far before modern Western scientists have confirmed it.

Maybe Western scientists have been denying this fact or ignoring it for years by constantly raising the question of where the first humans migrated from to populate the rest of the world.

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