Studies Now Show That Women Are Heavily Attracted To Men That Eat Lots Of Vegetables- See How And Why!


When people eat colorful vegetables, their skin takes on the hue of carotenoids, the plant pigments that make food red, yellow and orange.

The results show how much carotenoids are in a person’s skin, reflecting how many fruits and vegetables

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Some male participants were also asked to complete food frequency questionnaires to assess overall eating patterns.

They were all then given clean shirts and asked to do a series of exercises.

Afterwards, female participants were given this shirts to sniff and subsequently rate the scent of based on a variety of factors.

They were give a list of 21 descriptors and asked to describe the shirts and say how attractive, strong or healthy they smelled.

When they compiled the answers, researchers noted that there were certain descriptors that were frequently grouped together. Based on that, they made a list of factors that suggest how good the shirts smelled.


The factors are:

  • Animal factor- animal, meaty, oily
  • Floral factor- floral, fruity, sweet and medicinal
  • Chemical factor – Chemical or burnt
  • Fishy factor-  Fish, egg, garlic, yeast, sour, tobacco

Results showed overwhelmingly that men who ate more fruits and vegetables were rated as smelling more attractive and healthy than men who ate a lot of carbohydrates.

They also found that men who ate a lot of meats were described as having a more intense smell, but that smell was not considered to be bad. And men who ate a carbohydrate-heavy diet produced the least attractive odors.

They also found that diet only accounted for 20 percent of the difference between the participant’s body odor.

Prior studies have shown that the yellow-ish hue caused by carotenoids – which are present in the skin of people who eat a lot of vegetables – is said to be an attractive hue.

Noting that, researchers came to the conclusion that a diet full of fruits and vegetables makes men look and smell more attractive.


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