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Strange Mountain ‘Lion’ Sits By A Door. But If You Notice Where She Is? So TERRIFYING!

It was just a normal day for Kathy Inman, nothing really going on in her sleepy town in Utah. The kids were home on summer vacation and Kathy was enjoying the warm summer weather and sunshine. In their town, there usually wasn’t much drama, but today proved to be different.

Kathy peeked out her front window and saw a ball of fur huddled against her home. All she could see was fur and she had no idea what the creature actually was. So she tapped on the glass of her window hoping to disturb the creature slightly so she could identify it.

Kathy tapped on her window a few times, but surprisingly, the animal wouldn’t budge. It didn’t move at all. She could see the bundle of fur moving a little as it breathed so she knew it was alive. So Kathy started tapping a little louder, not wanting to go outside or open her window yet in case the animal was a dangerous one.

Then finally, the creature turned to look at her and she was terrified. It stretched out a little and Kathy could now clearly see that it was a Mountain Lion! It appeared to be sunbathing on her front porch!

While Kathy Inman had hoped it was a neighbor’s dog or cat, she realized that she was now stuck with the problem of having a Mountain Lion on her property. Not just anywhere on her property, but on her front porch where she liked to take her tea.

Mountain Lions are beautiful creatures, but living in Utah, Kathy understands that they’re also very dangerous. They’re known to eat family pets and even attack humans when feeling threatened.

facebook/ Rhett Riding

She watched the Mountain Lion for a while, but it had no interest in her at all. It seemed more interested in napping and getting Vitamin D from the sun!

Rhett Riding, her neighbor who posted the images on his facebook, caught word of what was happening and immediately stepped out of his home to take pictures and of course, to be a good neighbor and help Kathy!


The entire neighborhood was soon gathered near Kathy’s home and there was a lot of drama although nothing was actually REALLY happening because the cat didn’t budge the whole time and simply napped through all the picture-taking and neighborhood chatter.

facebook/ Rhett Riding

Eventually, authorities were called and they came to take the Mountain Lion away and release it back into the wild. But you’ll never guess what happened when they attempted to do this…

facebook/ Rhett Riding

The authorities tranquilized the large cat, but it didn’t do the trick right away. The cat wound up leading the animal control officers on a long chase all around the neighborhood that lasted over an hour!

Eventually the Mountain Lion tired and decided it had to stop and rest. As soon as it did, that’s when animal control officers caught the large cat and drove it away to be released in a safer area for Utah residents – back in the wild!

facebook/ Rhett Riding

The beautiful Mountain Lion was seen to immediately hop out of the truck and find another place to doze off!

facebook/ Rhett Riding
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