Stop Using Vaseline Immediately! 4 Reasons You Should Never Put Petroleum Jelly On Your Skin

Petroleum Jelly is the basic component of the Vaseline. It is usually found in beauty products ] for moisturizing skin. It is not expensive . It does not have scent. So what is the problem with it when it is so good for the skin?

Firstly, it creates a blockage of the pores and can keep toxins in the skin. It also prevents the skin from healing and it must be avoided for sunburns.
Problems with Petroleum Jelly

Except that it blocks the pores the petroleum jelly triggers serious issues too.
Harmful Hydrocarbons

The skin cannot metabolize petroleum jelly and it is kept as a protection layer till it is removed on its own. Namely, the body cannot use anything from it like it does from the Shea butter or the cocoa butter. Moreover, scientist are concerned that its units such as hydrocarbons can change into fat tissue in the body.
Actually  a 2011 research discovered that:
“There is strong evidence that mineral oil hydrocarbons are the greatest contaminant of the human body, amounting to approximately 1 g per person. Possible routes of contamination include air inhalation, food intake, and dermal absorption”.
Collagen Breakdown 

As it forms a kind of barrier on the skin, it may also be the reason for collagen breakdown ( it is what all women hate)
It is important that after petroleum jelly covers the skin, it prevents the skin from breathing and using nutrients.  In such way it can reduce the speed of cell renewal and it can lead the skin to take out important moisture and nutrients from the inside and in the end it can cause a collagen breakdown.


Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance happens when the body shows high levels of estrogen and as much low levels of progesterone which normalize it. It can lead to infertility, menstrual problems, fast aging, allergies, and autoimmune issues and also nutrient deficiencies, insomnia and a few types of cancer.
Petroleum jelly is among the products which contain chemicals known as xenoestrogens that can increase estrogen issues in the organism. According to research , the above mentioned chemicals can cause estrogen dominance by acting on hormone receptors.

More Serious Problems

The products made from petroleum include various destructive chemicals such as  1,4 dioxane, a familiar carcinogen  which is present in more than a third of the tested beauty products.  There is a possibility that the petroleum jelly can cause some types of cancer because of its effects on the estrogen.
In addition, apart from the advertisements which alert us different more dangerous situations can appear. Although such cases are rare, they are possible, and the statistics show one important percent of people who are affected by it .
A state called lipid pneumonia is among the destructive consequences. Although it happens rarely, it is a consequence of inhaling very small amounts of petroleum jelly. It becomes accumulated in the lungs (as stated before, and it can’t be metabolized or destroyed by the body. In the end it leads to a serious lung inflammation.


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