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Stop Smiling If You Ever Want To Stay Young- Popular Belief Debunked!

Contradictory to the popular belief that smiling may make you look younger, a research claims that it may make you appear two years older. In a series of experiments, 40 Ben-Gurion University students were shown images of people and asked to rank them from oldest to youngest.


The study participants were shown pictures of smiling faces, neutral expressions and surprised looks. They ranked the smiling faces as the oldest, followed by neutral expressions and surprised expressions as the youngest.

We associate smiling with positive values and youth. Think of all the skin-care and toothpaste companies that sell the same idea every day. However the opposite is the truth


“The striking thing was that if asked about your perceptions, everyone will erroneously recall that they had always identified smiling faces as the youngest ones


Researchers believe and found out that smiling makes a person look older because of the wrinkle lines that form around the eyes.

A surprised face, however, lifts and pulls the skin backwards, smoothing any potential age-related wrinkles.

“It may seem counter-intuitive, but the study shows that people can sincerely believe one thing and then behave in a completely different way.


Written by How Africa

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