“Stop Crossing out #BlackLivesMatter for #AllLivesMatter” – Mark Zuckerberg warns his Racist Facebook Staff

Some Facebook staff have written the term “Black Lives Matter” on the community chalkboards in Facebook’s head office due to the outrage over the police related deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile but some hateful persons have come behind them and crossing it out, replacing it with the term “All Lives Matter” instead.

Facebook C.E.O Mark Zuckerberg posted an ‘angry’ letter on his Facebook page, warning all members of his staff who do such to desist, as the #blackLivesMatter movement is an important American social issue that shouldn’t be joked with.

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  1. Many say that they can relate but in all honest blacks are nearly extinct and there is no amount of interracial child bearing that will change that fact and why well because when you have a biracial ancestry that means that two parents where each one is from a different race so how then do you continue to call yourself black and black only like the other parent is irrelevant. Blacks as a whole are not only being killed off but have been diminishing in numbers for more than a century so at what point do we admit that their lives matter, they second on the list of extinction in first place are the Native Americans that your race will die off in purest form because you have so few left to procreate your species with in its purest form. Yet with this bring the case their has still been no massive movement to preserve their lives, animals unfortunately have been showed more respect then this because when they become extinct they are labeled an endangered species and preservation methods begin. Which is exactly what blacks are trying to do right now so who in their right frame of mind knowing this can blatantly stand against it yet support it for animals ? Thank-you Zukerburg for seeing what didn’t have to continuously be explained to you which is blacks killing each other off shows massive mental illness amount themselves but when law enforcement participates in this as the bigger entity this shows a blatant disregard towards humanity which is the very thing that they are selected to uphold but will engage in this and then claim to be still mentally competent to continue to carry a weapon discharge it and be trusted to make sound decisions at all times…Officers may not be the sole problem but we certainly should have been able to look towards them being one of the solutions to the problems blacks face instead of accomplices !

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