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Stephanie Mbida, The Gifted Cameroonian Enters University In The USA At 11 Years Old!!

The young Stéphanie Mbida, currently 16 years old is a gifted. It was revealed to the Africans some time ago through some articles published in the international press. Stéphanie, an American of Cameroonian origin, lives in New York with her Cameroonian parents and has at her young age an unusual journey. It is summarized below in a recent interview published in Cameroonian dailies:

I just celebrated my sixteenth birthday. I could be called early. At the age of four, I knew all the tables of multiplication, and at the age of six I read, summarized, and interpreted the philosophical works and essays of such authors as Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens, and Emerson. I passed my first college entrance exam (Sat II Us History) at the age of eleven with a score of 780 points out of a maximum of 800, far surpassing 96% of all candidates In the United States who were on average 17 years of age. Presidents Bush and Clinton congratulated me on this performance. In the meantime, I had two more exams with comparable results the following year, at the age of twelve. At the beginning of this year, I was invited by five chancellors from 10 of the world’s most prestigious and selective universities to study at their institution in 5 different countries (United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, University of Dublin, Sorbonne (Paris 1er), Technical University of Munich, Columbia University in New York, University of Boston, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Georgia Tech, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Nortwestern University.

It also corresponded with 190 leaders from the most developed countries, including 25 heads of state and government such as Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, Pope Benedict XVI, England Elizabeth II, 16 ministers of education, 103 CEOs of the world’s largest companies, and many others.


I have indeed corresponded with a total of 190 of the world’s greatest leaders in the fields of politics, education and industry. In fact, I exchanged my first correspondence with a president at the age of eight. However, the majority of these correspondence exchanges date back to 2009 and 2010 and relate to the observations and recommendations I made to these leaders regarding the global economic crisis and large-scale industrial disasters such as the BP spill Or massive recalls of defective products that not only endanger the lives of many people and destabilize the companies that produce them, but also greatly weaken the international financial system. All these leaders told me that they had greatly appreciated my advice and promised that they would do their best to put them into practice.

After that:

I have received letters from 25 presidents, heads of state and governments such as President Obama, Pope Benedict XVI, Queen Elizabeth II of England, President Tarja Halonen of Finland, Prime Ministers of Spain and The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and many others. I also received letters from 16 ministers of education from countries such as Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Singapore, Taiwan, and Spain. I suggested to these ministers to revise the curriculum of their universities and their secondary schools. I also offered them practical methods to rehabilitate these curricula to the problems of the twenty-first century. In addition, 103 Presidents-Directors-General of the world’s largest companies and 41 Chancellors of the most selective and prestigious universities in the world also thanked me for my advice.

Clinton told me that he was very impressed by the uniqueness of my ideas and my determination to improve the quality of life of human beings in the United States and around the world. He wrote me two more letters after that.

Even World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz did not resist receiving the girl in her Washington, DC office in the US:

It was a warm and unforgettable experience, one of the most striking events of my life. Mr. Wolfowitz has done me the invaluable honor of granting me an interview between two extremely important meetings, when I was only ten years old, as a sign of appreciation for the advice I gave him on the reduction of Mass poverty and its corollaries. I shall be eternally grateful to him.

So Afrigirls instead of twerker take some of the seed. Or?


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