#StateCapture Report Release is Good for South Africa Ratings Says Economists

While the points of interest of the state capture report may search questionable as hell fire for President Jacob Zuma and co, evaluations offices will see its discharge as something worth being thankful for. The #StateCapture examination discovered proof of defilement that must be alluded to NPA, in addition to other things.

Be that as it may, it’s not all terrible news. Preceding the arrival of the report, when JZ and co were all the while battling in court to have it ceased, it looked like SA was set for garbage status before the year’s over. However the arrival of the report may change that.

Agencies are likely to view the report’s release as sign of institutional strength in South Africa according to economists.

Fin24 reports:


Gina Schoeman, South Africa economist at the global bank Citi, told Fin24 that the release of the report, although damning, would satisfy ratings agencies who want to see that the country’s Chapter 9 institutions are sound.

“It’s never good to have an official report of findings that the leader of your country may be implicated in corruption,” Schoeman said, “but what’s important is that it shows our institutions are strong and that there’s no meddling.”

“Financial markets will in all likelihood price in a greater probability of an earlier exit of President Jacob Zuma.”

Other economists agree that this sense of  institutional capability and credibility is something that has been lacking in the country since Nenegate.



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