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Star Footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor Is Committed To The Cleanliness Of Beaches Of Lomé!!

The captain of the national football team of Togo, Emmanuel Adebayor, has just launched a campaign to clean Togolese beaches, APA said.

Broom in hand, the star footballer, followed by a large crowd, cleaned the beach of Lomé for 3 kilometers. So it was followed by dozens of people who spontaneously responded to his call for this public health operation.

“I was born at the seaside, I grew up on the beach. I have been lucky to travel in Western countries, to go on vacation in big cities like Ibiza, like Miami. And every time I see the beaches, it’s a bit cleaner than the beach I have at home. I said to myself that it is important to do something, “Emmanuel Adebayor told APA.

Togolese beaches are in some places unsafe and for the captain of the national football team of Togo, it is necessary that the Togolese do everything to make their beach clean.


“At the beach there is a good wind, there is a good crowd. Why not try to clean it up to make it a little cleaner? “Asked the striker of the Turkish club of? Stanbul Ba? Ak? Ehir.

For him, the protection of the environment is very important “because when there is a lot of pollution, when the country is dirty, when the city is dirty, there are sick people”.


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